Pressure Cooking And Normal Cooking: All The Facts


Slow cooking that is done in a crock pot is a countertop electrical cooking appliance that is used for simmering. This kind of cooking requires a low temperature. Examples of slow cooked meals are pot roasts, soups, chicken, white bean and bacon soup and tuna-noodle casserole.

As might be expected; there are various benefits when using a slow cooker such as enjoying nutritious, delicious meals, saving time and being able to use the slow cooker all year. Other benefits are using less energy to prepare meals, easy clean-up and an easy transport to your dining room table. What many find appealing with a slow cooker is the convenience. All that is necessary to prepare a delicious meal is assemble the meat, vegetables and other condiments, place them in the cooker and in six to eight hours or less, you have a great-tasting meal. You don’t have to hover or worry over the cooking; the slow cooker does it for you. In addition, while the slow cooker is working, you can do other things, and this can save a lot of time.

In contrast, a pressure cooker is an airtight utensil that is used for quick cooking or preserving of foods by means of high-temperature steam under pressure. Of course, the main difference with a pressure cooker is that it cooks fast. With a pressure cooker, you can have nothing going on for supper until 6pm and when you come home with a nice cut of beef for braised stew, you can have delicious and tender meal at 7:00.

If you like working with vegetables, the best pressure cooker works better than the slow cooker. The slow cooker often makes vegetables too soft. Another benefit with the pressure cooker is that it saves space in the kitchen. Also, the pressure cooker can be used for other things; the slow cooker often is used only for slow cooking.

To be clear, pressure cookers are wonderful when you don’t have much time to spare. You can stew or braise at the last minute and most dishes are done within an hour. However, a slow cooker does the work for you all day, allowing you to come home to a tasty, cooked meal.

To conclude, slow cookers and pressure cookers both make great meals. The choice you make depends on how much time you have to make meals and how important convenience is to you when preparing meals.

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